Plane made emergency landing when drunk passenger started eating his mobile

A drunken passenger who caused a plane to be diverted after attempting to eat his mobile when a woman rejected his advances, is facing time behind bars. Matthew Flaherty, 44, was on an easyJet flight from Manchester Airport to Keflavik, Iceland, when he pulled a bottle of gin from his bag and began swigging it […]

Eric Bieniemy becomes logical candidate for Colorado job after Mel Tucker’s reported departure

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy did not get the chance to become a head coach in the NFL this hiring cycle despite his involvement in several coaching searches last month. But if Bieniemy wants to become a head coach right now, an obvious opportunity may have just fallen into his lap at his […]

Frozen-egg storage limit ‘to be debated’

The period of time for which eggs, sperm and embryos can be frozen could be extended, as the government calls for views on the current 10-year limit. It said women’s choices on when to have children were being restricted, despite advances in freezing technology. Only the eggs of people whose fertility may be affected by […]

Crypto asset manager sees bitcoin mining shift from China to North America

Barry Silbert, founder of New York-based Grayscale Investments, made the observation in an online presentation to investors, without saying why the shift was occurring. Many mainstream investors such as pension funds or asset managers have been reluctant to embrace bitcoin BTC=BTSP, concerned at its volatility, security breaches and lack of transparent markets. Bitcoin, heavily favoured […]

Slack secures 350,000 users as it becomes IBM’s official communications app

IBM has decided that Slack will become its official collaboration tool. The company has been using Slack with some internal team since 2014, but Business Insider reports the communications app will be rolled out companywide to its 350,000 employees. In an SEC filing, the company points out that IBM has been its largest customer for […]

Utter idiots wearing trainers rescued after trying to climb Ben Nevis in -20C winds

Four ‘absolute idiots’ had to be airlifted from the UK’s highest mountain after attempting to climb it in horrendous weather conditions – with three of them wearing trainers. The group was ‘verging on hypothermia’ being found by a 22-person rescue team near the 4,411ft-high summit of Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands on Monday, with […]