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T-Mobile / Sprint merger gets judge’s approval, could be finalized as early as April 1

Attorneys general from several states filed a lawsuit to block the deal, claiming it would limit competition and lead to higher prices for consumers. US District Court Judge Victor Marrero in his ruling said the merger was not reasonably likely to substantially lessen competition. Instead, it would likely “enhance competition in the relevant markets to […]

Arm brings AI and machine learning to IoT and the edge

In addition, it has a small but growing market in data center and other network infrastructure equipment and is the long-time leader in intelligent devices of various types—from toys to cars and nearly everything in between; essentially the “things” part of IoT (Internet of Things). As a result, it’s not terribly surprising to see the […]

Nikola shows off Badger EV concept, combines hydrogen fuel cell tech and batteries to go 600-miles

Arizona-based Nikola Motors first appeared on the map in 2016 with their electric semi and 4×4 UTV concepts and now the company has another concept on its hands with the Badger pickup truck. The vehicle is said to be in early stages of development for which Nikola is targeting the following specs: 600 miles on blended FCEV/BEV 300 miles […]

Ransomware attacks jumped 41% last year as average payments reached $190,946

The revelation comes from a New York Times report that examines the increase in recent ransomware attacks. According to security firm Coveware, the average payment for decryption keys to unlock files was $84,116 in the last quarter of 2019, double what it was during the previous quarter. In the last month of the year, that […]

Streaming accounts for almost 20 percent of all TV viewing, total content jumps 10%

The figures come from Nielsen’s Total Audience Report—the first to use smart TV data from Gracenote. Of the near 650,000 unique programs, around 9 percent appeared exclusively on SVOD (subscription video on demand) services. “The proliferation of on-demand streaming services is the most profound media disruption of the last half-century,” wrote Peter Katsingris, Nielsen’s senior […]

Microsoft’s dual-screen, Android-based ‘Surface Duo’ smartphone has been seen in the wild

While riding the subway, YouTube user Israel Rodriguez noticed the dual-screen device in the hands of a fellow passenger. The individual in question operated the phone for several minutes, seemingly without noticing that they were being filmed — or perhaps Rodriguez asked permission. Either way, the clip allows us to get a brief glimpse at […]

Slack secures 350,000 users as it becomes IBM’s official communications app

IBM has decided that Slack will become its official collaboration tool. The company has been using Slack with some internal team since 2014, but Business Insider reports the communications app will be rolled out companywide to its 350,000 employees. In an SEC filing, the company points out that IBM has been its largest customer for […]