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You Can Teach Your Dog To Obey Your Commands

In some ways a dog is similar to a remote that needs programming to work with your television. You just need to instill these commands into them like a remote. Though dogs have an inner ability for training, someone needs to bring it out of them. Don’t ever ignore good behavior from your dog. If […]

HIV in older people: ‘I thought it was a young person’s illness’

When 59-year-old Ashley was in hospital with appendicitis, neither Ashley nor the doctors considered HIV. “They said there’s nothing wrong with you, you’ve had a virus – not knowing that I’d still got the biggest virus you could possibly get,” Ashley recalls. Ashley was diagnosed with HIV three years ago, after having unprotected sex. But […]

Do roundabouts make Milton Keynes healthier?

Luton and Milton Keynes are similar-sized towns producing similar levels of pollution. Yet Milton Keynes is a much healthier place to live. Might this have something to do with its infamous roundabouts? Even on the hottest day of the year, the front windows of Gill Bottoms’s semi-detached home in Luton are shut tight. It is […]

Dancer who uses a wheelchair wants to show disabled women are sexy

Nila Morton was dancing in her wheelchair one day when a troll told her she looked ‘weird’. So the 21-year-old dance enthusiast, from South Carolina, decided to hide away. But now Nila, who has a rare condition called Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, is done hiding. She shared images of herself online and was surprised to […]

Man turns chewing gum on London streets into intricate works of art

When most of us come across discarded chewing gum in public, we usually step right over it. Ben Wilson, however, sets up shop. That’s because he’s an artist turning even the ugliest things into intricate works of art. The 57-year-old Englishman has toured London for the past 15 years sculpting and repainting scraps of gum […]

Terminal cancer diagnosis made me feel nothing but gratitude for life I’ve had

Doreen was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer four years ago – there is no cure. The cancer had already spread to Doreen’s brain by the time it was detected, but the 70-year-old has taken the diagnosis in her stride, literally. A passionate long-distance walker, Doreen feels grateful that she is still able to keep […]

Mum creates magical Harry Potter house by papering surfaces with book pages

Hardcore Harry Potter fans can be a little bit intense with their love for the wizarding world, but this mum has taken it to the next level. True Potter stan, Kylie Lyons turned walls, furniture and doors into a homage to her favourite book – using a £1 copy of Harry Potter that she bought […]

Frozen-egg storage limit ‘to be debated’

The period of time for which eggs, sperm and embryos can be frozen could be extended, as the government calls for views on the current 10-year limit. It said women’s choices on when to have children were being restricted, despite advances in freezing technology. Only the eggs of people whose fertility may be affected by […]